Write a congruence statement

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PROOF Write a two -column proof of Theorem 62/87,21 Given: Prove: Proof: Statements (Reasons) 1. DQG (Given) 2.

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DQG 'HI RI) 3. Sum Theorem) 4. 7UDQV Prop.) 5. 6XEVW 6. F (Subt. Prop.) 7. 'HI RI) PROOF Put the statements used to prove the statement below in the correct order. Provide the reasons for each statement.

• Promote the cause in the signature space on your emails, which you can make automatic. Again use some version of the statement in quotation marks above. Note: I publish every single mission statement that is provided to me by my students. I do not pick and choose the ones I post here.

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2 From the beginning, both worked on a variety of projects. Among these, for both, was the exploration of society.

Congruence statements express the fact that two figures have the same size and shape. Congruence Statement Basics Objects that have the same shape and size are said to be congruent. Complete each congruence statement by naming the corresponding angle or side.

1) Write a statement that indicates that the triangles in each pair are congruent. 7) J I K T R S.

Write a congruence statement
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