Strike action

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Taking part in industrial action and strikes

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La Liga players 'outraged' and threaten strike action over US match

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Candidate Statschka StrikePorcelain: Union strikebreaking is not, however, unique to find unions. Michael O'Leary, the colourful chief executive of Irish airline Ryanair, says he is willing to put up with strikes "if it means defending our cost base and our ability to offer low fares.

Aug 23,  · Footballers in Spain are "outraged" by the prospect of competitive La Liga matches being played in the US and have not ruled out.

UK union Unite has cancelled all future strike action on the Alwyn, Dunbar and Elgin rigs in the North Sea, after its members accepted a revised pay offer by Total. A strike action (or simply a strike) is when a large number of workers stop working in protest.

Strikes are usually done by a labor union to get better pay, hours, or working conditions. They became important during the Industrial Revolution, when many worked in factories and mines.

Strike action, also called labor strike, on strike, greve (of French: grève), or simply strike, is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employees to work.

A strike usually takes place in response to employee grievances. Strike Action (SA) determines how much damage you will deal in attacks and Conquests.

Strike action is based on the number of soldiers in your army, the weapons in your armory, and upgrades. Strike action is based on the number of soldiers in your army, the weapons in your armory, and upgrades.

Strike action
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Strike action : definition of Strike action and synonyms of Strike action (English)