If i were millionaire

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If I Were a Millionaire Essay for School Students

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The Millionaire

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If I Were Millionaire Essay

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If I were a millionaire...

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Even though these things are immensely attractive, if I were a millionaire, I would invest it in education. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (often informally called Millionaire) is an American television game show based on the same-titled British program and developed for the United States by Michael Davies.

If I were a millionaire, I would be in the company of rich friends and would be honorable. But being a millionaire is only a part of my desire. I know I get education under very difficult circumstances.

I dream to become a dailywn.com there is a reason why I think I should earn big money. I belong to a middle class family and I have one little brother. My loving parents supports me well and fulfill all.

One in every 38 Hongkongers is a US dollar millionaire, one of the highest rates in the world. We asked our readers how they would change their lifestyle if they were ever lucky enough to reach that status. If I were a millionaire I would do my best to provide permanent shelter, food and clothing for the poor.

I would open schools for them where the children could learn I would help them to be so independent that they can find fruitful employment for themselves.

If i were millionaire
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If I Were a Millionaire Essay for School Students