Fountain pen writing alphabet with dots

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Tips for Promoting Braille in the Classroom

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A Room of One's Own

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The wisdom or lack thereof in these pages is culled from the various people, places and experiences I encountered while attempting to learn calligraphy in a vacuum and.

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Rosetta Notes Pocket Notebook Review

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- Le Corbusier Rollerball Pen. 5 Free Handwriting Practice Worksheets. March 18, Pilot Metropolitan is perfect if you are looking for a starter fountain pen.

What Handwriting Did You Learn In School?

Tools matter too – so before we jump in, make sure you have a good pen or marker to make the most of these resources. Learn the calligraphy alphabet and numbers so you can start incorporating some pretty. True, there is some script that many people might hazard a guess is "feminine" (like heart shapes or smiley faces for i dots) but males also use emotive i dots (which usually means that the writer wishes to call personal attention to herself/himself as some).

Fountain pen writing alphabet with dots
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Who Invented Braille?