Camote tops

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Sweet potato

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Camote Tops (Camote Fritters)

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Dengue fever’s simplist cure – camote (sweet potato) tea

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In Mexico, Peru, Chile, Central America, and the Philippines, the sweet potato is known as camote (alternatively spelled kamote in the Philippines), derived from the Nahuatl word camotli.

Why I Love Sweet Potato Leaves (Camote Tops) Salad Aside from the fact that this food is yummy and appetizing, it also has plenty of health benefits.

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It is a good source of iron that can combat anemia. In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users. Camote Tops, sweet potato tops or Talbos ng Kamote a green leafy vegetable which is basically the leaves of the camote plant, which grows practically in any backyard in the Philippines.

Camote Tops = Wild Sweet Potato Leaves The Sweet Potato is like some distant cousin of the potato as we know it. ^^ Sweet Potatoes, not to be confused with yams, are starchy and sweet and are few of the crops of its kind that are actually edible.

yep, most of ‘em are poisonous. She told the Philippine News Agency that she has been fond of eating malunggay (horseradish) and camote tops, as well as other backyard-raised vegetables in her village. The vegetables are pesticide-free and naturally preserved food, she said.

Amazing Benefits of Camote Tops Leaves (Talbos ng Kamote)

These gave her long life and sharp memory since she was born on March 10, in Nueva Ecija.

Camote tops
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Research Proposal: Kamote tops (Ipomoeia batatas Linn) Decoction into Juice